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Founded by Chris and Diane Moore in 1997, A to Z Driving and Traffic School LLC is a family-oriented company focused on meeting the specific needs of its clients. Understanding that every driver is different, our instructors provide customized guidance allowing each student to overcome challenges and achieve his or her individual driving goals. Attention to detail sets us apart from the rest and affords every student VIP status. Instructors present key insights and step-by-step information that others overlook. We offer the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

We believe that we have an honor-bound duty to be constantly improving our industry, ourselves and the general public in all drivers' safety issues. We are determined to set our personal and business standards ABOVE the minimal requirements of the state regulation. We strive to always have the latest information regarding laws, newer safety features, and other information to give our students. Just as society and technology are in a constant state of change, so shall be our instructional methods.

Our lesson plans are designed to save lives. Defensive driving techniques are a priority in our lessons. Our instructors are professionals that have learned and mastered the skills needed to teach driving effectively, using guidelines and common sense examples to explain to our students the "how, " "why, " "where, " "when, " and "what" of good driving. So don't hesitate to call us or to come by for a visit. We will be happy to be at your service.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (714) 828-6147
City Anaheim, CA
Zip Code 31406
Address 2612 W. Lincoln Ave # 106
Key People
Diane Moore
Diane Moore is the founder and operator of the company. She started working as a driving instructor in 1995. She worked hard to establish a good and professional reputation as a business woman and a driving instructor. She became the operator of A to Z Driving School in May of 1997 when the school opened. In 2010 A to Z Driving School expanded it's services and became A to Z Driving and Traffic School LLC. She is friendly, professional, and loves to teach and works great with nervous students that are new drivers. Diane also continues her education, attends different seminars to enhance and develop better techniques and ways of teaching safe and defensive driving to her instructors so they can teach our customers. She passed all DMV test for instructors and operator licenses, and the background check. She is licensed to teach Drivers Ed, Behind the Wheel and to train and license professional driving instructors also conducts yearly continuing education for her instructors and other instructors that are interested in enhancing their driving techniques. She speaks fluent English and Romanian.
Chris Moore
Chris Moore is a great professional instructor. He is the coordinator of our school and a great problem solver. He continues to educate himself, attends seminars and surfs the web constantly to keep up with the latest information and most updated materials. The teens in our driver's education classes think he is the greatest. He has a good connection and understanding with students, especially with teenagers and helps them understand how important it is to know the rules and regulations of the road. He is licensed to teach Drivers Ed, Behind the Wheel training and to train professional driving instructors.
Edward Little
Edward Little came to our company from another driving school from Mission Viejo. We call him Eddy. He has been a professional driving instructor for 6 years. He is a wonderful, patient and funny person. He is also a professional actor that featured in a movie with Gov. Schwarzenegger and performs his comic show at different schools. He is using his humor to implement and teach his students safe and defensive techniques. His students become less stressed and more comfortable with a little humor and they learn quickly. He is getting great reviews from his students and he loves to teach. He is licensed to teach Driving Education and Behind the Wheel.
Tabita Cesario
Tabita Cesario, is our Office Manager. She is professional, friendly, informative and ready to help our customers with their needs. She has extensive experience in customer service, and will gladly help provide you with information or point you in the right direction.
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