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Our experience teaching teens has shown us the importance of the role of the parent/guardian in driver education. They are the teens primary driving educator. Our courses are developed with this in mind. Using course activities and interactive observation time, we involve the parents/guardians in the learning process well before the student ever gets behind the wheel. We also offer products and advice that can help the parents/guardians once they do end up behind the wheel with their students.

Our experience teaching seasoned drivers through traffic violator courses has shown us the value of on going communication with other drivers. Simply discussing important safety topics and new laws with other drivers is the first step to continuing our driving education. Through our forums and blogs, we offer this communication in a way that has never been done before. Whether a parent or teen, truck driver or daily commuter, police officer or senior citizen, you can be discussing issues in a fun and exciting way that allows you to learn and help others at the same time. You might even make some new friends while supporting the cause! Remember, a good driver is always learning.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (209) 368-5150
City Lodi, CA
Zip Code 95240
Products and Services
We specialize in behind the wheel training for adults. If you have never gotten your license, have had it suspended due to medical or other reasons, or just want to protect your driving privilege by freshening up your skills, we can help. We know exactly how to work with you and the DMV for all situations involving adults. Price is for one 2 hour lesson.
Key People
Office Manager
Nellie is our office manager. She truly has a heart for helping. No question is too small, and no task is too large. You will feel like family, because she will give you 110% of her effort to meet your needs. She has been with us for 5 years, and has excellent organizational skills. These skills help her keep all of the instructor's schedules, and all the customer's needs in order. She also gets along well with everybody. This is a great skill when it comes to dealing with customers, those pesky driving instructors, and those demanding bosses.
Have you ever met someone you feel you could be instant friends with. Robert has this gift. He has a passion for and a love of life that cannot be contained. He has spent a good portion of that energy working with teens and young adults to help better their lives. He has a California teaching credential in addition to his license as a behind the wheel training instructor. He works hard to give his students the knowledge they need to succeed, and we are lucky to have him.
Driving Instructor
Jim is our lead driving instructor, and is also an instructor trainer. He is a retired Beverly Hills motorcycle cop with more personality than Eddie Murphy. Everyone loves him and his stories. He has been with us for over ten years, and is an expert at teaching behind the wheel driver training. He also teaches classroom driver education, and traffic violator school. But don't ask him about the vehicle code. He may be the only person in the state to have it memorized. He's also a huge animal lover, so try not to hit any critters.
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