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With 20 years of advanced driver training experience, American Driving School will soon offer half-day confident control clinics to teach realistic accident-avoidance skills. Using a safe, controlled environment in an empty parking lot, drivers will learn several real-world skills as taught in the stringent driving programs in Europe, where highway speeds are higher than in the US.

Being a professional driving instructor is a very satisfying career, where one makes a real difference for people every day. With our long experience, proprietary teaching techniques, and reputation in the industry, American Driving School also offers a training course for individuals who wish to become a licensed driving instructor. This 60-hour course includes 30 hours of classroom and theory training plus 30 hours of in-car teaching techniques.
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Phone Number (760) 736-8288
City El Cajon, CA
Zip Code 92019
Address 1530 Jamacha Road, Suite Q
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Whether you are young or now in your golden years, no matter what type of lifestyle you live, one thing that most people agree upon is the importance of mobility. To see friends and family, to run essential errands, or just to get outside in the sunshine, we all want to get around on our own. For most of us in California, that means having some means of personal transportation.
American Driving School is licensed to provide a professional review and preparation for Seniors to take a DMV Driving Test. A 90-minute brush-up drive will reinforce the skills needed to take the test with confidence.
The State of California and the DMV require that anyone under 18 who wants a Driver's License must take a special training course, which is taught in two parts. The first part is Driver's Education, learning the laws and techniques that are necessary for safe driving. We provide Driver's Education in a convenient, DMV-approved online program for home-study. The second DMV requirement is for Behind-the-Wheel Driver Training, which includes a minimum of six hours actually driving with a professional driving instructor, taught in three 2-hour lessons.
We specialize in teaching adults to drive. Whether it's your first time behind the wheel or you are adapting to driving in California after moving here from a different driving environment, we have the experience you need. Our calm, professional instructors will comfortably take you through our step-by-step process and help you to become a safe, confident, fully licensed driver. We provide the car, the fuel, and the patience to get you off to a good start.
Key People
Dan Tackett
Dan Tackett
Principal Instructor
Dan has devoted over 25 years to teaching precision driving, from European racetracks to California teenagers, from evaluating the driving abilities of seniors to winning a racing class championship. His background combines a Marketing degree and career in finance with a deep passion for driving to set very high standards as the Owner of the driving schools. Dan is the primary teacher of our Drivers Education classroom and also volunteers as Chief Instructor for the Tire Rack Street Survival teen driving program and for the BMW Car Club. Dan's students get to learn their driving skills in a BMW 330i, probably the only BMW used for Driver Training in the San Diego area.
Cesar Tacon
Cesar Tacon
Dmv Operator
Cesar had along career in automotive customer service before he applied his strong people skills to teaching new drivers the finer points of car control.As a long-time East County resident, Cesar is active in the community and has a good following due to his cheerful demeanor. He serves as the School's DMV Operator, with a special license to assure compliance with all regulations. Cesar teaches in a 2010 Hyundai Elantra from our Green Teen fleet.
Lyn Burnes
Lyn Burnes
Lyn enjoys teaching driving skills to people of all ages. Her love for driving spans 30 years, including managing a driving school office nearly 20 years ago. For Lyn, driver education is part of her family: her husband is a high school teacher with a driver's education credential, and she is currently teaching two of her own teenage sons. Her passion is to help others to achieve their highest potential in their driving skills. Lyn instructs mostly in the inland North County in a 2010 Hyundai Sonata from our Green Teen fleet.
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