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Established in 1986, Apex was born from the idea that "Safe Driving is No Accident" Founder and Principle Owner, Derrick P. Scott honed his skills as a professional instructor for 7 years with the California Driving School, an institution in the lore of American driving schools. The CDS's training program for students and instructors was second to none. Apex incorporates the very best of that training, and through the years has retooled and refined that system to make learning easier, faster and even more complete.

Safe driving is serious business, but learning needn't be. We believe in making the process of learning a fun and positive learning experience. Although Apex has spawned many Bay Area driving schools, Apex stands alone is in its pursuit toward the science of learning to help you achieve optimum results. After all, our philosophy is our first name: "Apex " = The Very Best!
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Blog www.apexdrivingschool.com
Phone Number (415) 267-6118
City Oakland, CA
Zip Code 94612
Address 1904 Franklin St., Suite 330
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Every student learns differently, and has unique needs. The way we connect with information is like a the different channels received by a radio antenna. We process information through visual, auditory, kinesthetic and intuitive channels. We are trained to observe what type of mode works best for you, and teach to your strengths. Just as important, we emphasize methods that reinforce correct driving techniques. This nonjudgmental, scientific approach to teaching creates a relaxed atmosphere that nurtures your growing confidence.
This custom driver's education program meets all DMV requirements and is designed to assist you as you get ready to drive. Once you have completed this online course you will be issued the necessary DMV certificates and information that will allow you to take and pass your permit test.
Key People
Derrick Scott
Derrick Scott
Derrick's journey as a traffic/ driver educator began in 1979 with The California Driving School. In 1984, he was awarded the responsibility to provide assistance to person with disabilities on learning to drive, or to assess their functionality for driving. In June of 1986, Derrick founded Apex Driving School. In 1999, Derrick received Examiner training from the California Department of Motor Vehicles in conjunction with a study to evaluate the safety of older drivers.
Brad McDermott
Brad McDermott
Brad has over 15 years of extensive road safety expertise as a CHP certified school bus driver and heavy equipment operator in United States Marine Corps. This coupled with over 25 years of experience developing teens character and working with families as a youth pastor, baseball coach, and ski instructor equip him with key skills for teaching drivers education. He is also an Alumnus of Vanguard University and certified trainer with Culture ROI.
Jim Helman
Jim Helman
Jim enjoys working with students and values the teaching methods that Apex instills in each student I have worked at other driving schools, but Apex is different, our methods are comprehensive and easy to understand. Jim continues learning with a minimum of 20 hours of annual driving education, he also maintains his CHP School Bus driver certificate, Class B license, Motorcycle License as well as his Driver Instructor License.
Schelli Johnson
Schelli Johnson
Administrative & Website Manager
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