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More freight orders are being placed, especially as the construction, manufacturing and auto industry all show growth. However, it's not all good news for commercial truck carriers as a nationwide driver shortage has become a challenge for an industry that is growing.by US Truck Driving School
Unemployment rates are dropping and employers are adding more jobs than they were just a few years ago, but the unemployed Americans continue to face many challenges when it comes to finding long-term employment.by US Truck Driving School
How to pick a Driving School? This is an interesting question that I never really consider, because I own a driving school. But I came across an article in, The Christian Science Monitor that covers this very topic. Your teen is ready to drive? Here's how to pick a driving school.by Shield Driving School
Do you drive around the block until you find an open spot or park in a driveway to avoid actually parallel parking? When you try to Parallel Park do you end up 2 feet away from the curb? This particular driving skill is dreaded by almost all new drivers and most parents.by Shield Driving School
This is the procedure for getting a Driver's License before you turn18: 1. DRIVER EDUCATION CLASS Complete Driver Education class at Roadrunner Driving School and receive a Driver Education Completion Certificate. (There is a reissue fee if you lose a certificate.)by Roadrunner Driving School
Yes, but you will be covering a lot of material during this course. Most students prefer to take the class close to when they take the DMV written exam, so the information is fresh in their mind. At the end of class, you will keep your study materials and books, so you will be able to review.by Roadrunner Driving School
No. You don't have to take Driver Ed or Driver Training to get your permit, but you will not be able to get your Driver License until you are 18 years old. You must pass the written test at the DMV and you must practice driving at least 50 hours including 10 at night.by Roadrunner Driving School
Go to the DMV with a parent. A new permit will be printed out for you so you can continue to drive. The next time you have a lesson, your instructor will sign it.by Roadrunner Driving School
To ensure the safety and security in highways, the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 was implemented. This requires a series of tests and requirements to be accomplished by a motorist to be granted the privilege to drive large vehicles such as trucks or buses.by DTS Companies
A distribution company would not be successful business without the help of truck drivers. Truckers are essential factors to the economy, because they provide their services by transporting products, raw materials and finished good over land.by DTS Companies
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