California Driving School Adult & Teen Courses in Riverside, CA

We would like to tell you the "California Driving School" story. It is a success story, equaled by none, in the field of Driver Education, and Driver Training. It is the story about a firm that has specialized in one field of endeavor, training people to drive, and brought in the peak of perfection.

Over the years the school's impact upon the field of Driver Education has extended beyond the borders of the State of California; across the nation; and to many foreign countries, both in Europe and Asia. It is the story of developing systems of teaching driving that makes is very easy for new drivers to learn the skills necessary to handle their car safely, even in the most complex traffic patterns of any metropolitan city.

The "California Driving School" is one of the largest Professional Driving Schools in America today, and one of the largest in the world. It started 52 years ago in Los Angeles, and has spread throughout the state of California... so now it is serving over one-half of the states' 28 million population.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (800) 522-5374
City Riverside, CA
Zip Code 92503
Products and Services
Many industrial firms have utilized the services of the "California Driving School, Inc." to either train their employees to handle their equipment properly, or retrain and upgrade their driving performance. In today's economy this makes very good business sense! Industrial firms are motivated by three factors: (1) Reducing costs. (2) Reduce litigation derived from vehicle accidents, and (3) Reduce the cost of maintaining their fleet. We all know insurance rates continue to climb, and companies write policies based on the amount of risk and exposure they are taking when they accept the client.
We have an excellent Driver Education program. All of our classes exceed State requirements and involve the student participating. Many high schools, especially public high schools, the only requirement for passing is attendance. Not so with us! We want to make sure to the teen student understands the law, understands their responsibilities in driving, understands some basic mechanics, and understands defensive driving techniques. The knowledge is given in an easy, palatable manner, and for each topic, tests are given which the student must pass. We are more concerned for the students to "learn" rather than just put in 30 hours of attendance. We make sure our students get the best training that money can buy... and our standards are high!
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