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Rated Poor
Rated Poor from 4 reviews
Lessons are private, personal, individual and hourly. Once our students begin driving safely, we can take them for their driving test at the driving license office (DPS). Dallas Adult Driving School, Inc., will provide quality education for all adult students in a way that teaches students to drive defensively and encourages each student to develop a safe learning environment. Home or office pick-up and drop-off is available upon request. Our company is incorporated, insured and bonded. We look forward to serving the needs of the community in our field of expertise and invite adult students to call us any time.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (972) 680-9090
City Richardson, TX
Zip Code 75082
Address 3209 Wyndmere Dr
Rated Poor (1 of 5) from 4 reviews
  Horrible experience. What a rude and arrogant guy!
by SR from Richardson, TX
May 11, 2016
This driving school does not even deserve the one star rating that I have given. The instructor(Khaled) is such an arrogant guy. He is impatient, rude and does not know what teaching is. It was my first class. I did not have any experience in driving. He told me about the car controls in the parking lot and also told that we have to always drive above the speed limit inside the city so as to go with the traffic flow. I hardly drove the car for 2 mins when he started nudging me to speed up. When I told him that we are going way above the speed limit, he started verbally abusing me saying that I was not listening to his lessons (I was already driving at 60 on a 40 road). He just kept shouting at me which made me really uncomfortable. I asked him to stop shouting and teach me instead. He got even angrier and said that he did not think that he could teach me and started turning the wheel himself from across the passenger seat and started driving me back to the place where he picked me from. After stopping at the parking lot, he tore the application form that I submitted into pieces and gave it back to me. Such an arrogant guy. This driving school should be shut down. Never even make a phone call to enquire about his driving classes.
I don't recommend this business
  Don't choose this driving school
by RR from Dallas
Jan 26, 2016
Worst driving school, the guy is short tempered and he behaves very bad.
I don't recommend this business
  What a horrible experience!
by Madhav Kapre from Dallas
Apr 29, 2015
On Apr 29, 2015 I had my driving test scheduled at Garland Mega Center DPS for the first time. And Khaled from Eastwest Driving School had lent me his car for the test. Khaled also accompanied me, while I drove the car, to the test center. He seemed like a nice person (he had given me in-car lessons once before). Unfortunately, I did not pass the test - mainly because I wasn't being "observant" enough. I accepted this feedback from the official instructor and I then went to Khaled to report the same. What followed was absolutely bizarre, shocking and comical to say the least. While reporting what went wrong I made the mistake of telling Khaled one of the training points he had given me, which I executed and, which I got dinged for by the instructor. This was not even feedback from my side to Khaled, rather I was just stating what the instructor had told me!

Rather than calmly comforting me and letting me know that I would do better next time, he went on to confront me and berate me in the open parking lot (with lot of people there I might add). He took things to such a personal level so as to say things like (yes! he actually said it!)
- "I have been a driving instructor since 1977, how dare you tell me my instructions were not good enough"
- "I know the truth about what kind of person you are. I know what kind of family you truly come from"
- "You are a low-caste person and you are beneath me".

Despite the above reaction I tried to calm him down, tried to reason with him and tried to explain that the point I mentioned was one of MANY points stated by the instructor and it was more of a post-mortem that we were going through. At no time and in no way was anything I said pointed towards his acumen as a driving instructor, nor was it feedback for him. Rather it was feedback for me - which is the truth! But he wouldn't listen, wouldn't calm down, and was intent on berating me over and over and left in a huff. He didn't even take the money he was owed from my side. Can you believe that?

So in conclusion, I've had a shocking, humiliating and dumbfounding start to my morning, and am more upset about this incident than at having failed the driving test itself. I don't know what are the reasons behind Khaled's tirade...but after having had such an experience I will neither approach him again nor ever recommend him to anyone. Maybe his success ratio isn't high in terms of successful driving tests for his customers and that's why one more failure triggered the above extreme reaction from him. But either ways, you have NO right to go crazy at your customer like that - especially when the customer hasn't said anything personal, vindictive or feedback oriented that is directed at you, the vendor.
I don't recommend this business
by Chipmunk from Frisco
Feb 03, 2015
It is one of the worst driving school, the guy is short tempered and he behaves very bad to women.. You are not definitely safe around him.. His eyes were different, not sure if he was on something.. Please stay away from Khaled... Women beware of him.
I don't recommend this business
If you don't visit them
Everything is a waste here
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