Dower School Of Driving Defensive & Teen Courses in Honolulu, HI

We are a locally owned business started by brothers Paul and Walter Dower. We are helping teenagers to obtain a driver education student completion certificate and a behind-the-wheel student completion certificate which will allow them to take their road test. We will provide an in classroom and behind the wheel defensive driving programs individually and as a package.
  • Defensive Courses
  • Teen Courses
Contact Information
Phone Number (808) 735-1199
City Honolulu, HI
Zip Code 96816
Address 1114 11th Avenue
Products and Services
(a) The student is required to attend all 6 hours of scheduled BTW sessions (b) Submitted to the instructor a notarized affidavit confirming 50 hours of additional drive time with a licensed driver, 21 or older (c) Have their driving permit on their person (d) If the student has an A restriction on their permit, have their corrective lenses on their person (e) Students with long hair must keep their hair from obstructing their vision. (f) Wear Shoes. Remember your scheduled drive times, should you forget, you may be charged.
Student must attend all 30 hours of classroom sessions and achieve a passing grade. No refund shall be given for any student that does not successfully complete the 30 hour course. An average score of 80% or more on exams and assignments is required to pass the Classroom Driver Education. A student with a failing score will not receive a certificate. No refund shall be given for any teen that fails the class.
Key People
Paul Dower
Paul Dower
Walter Dower
Walter Dower
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