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Rated Poor
Rated Poor from 3 reviews
We are a Texas State authorized school specializing in adult driver education! We will help each student to obtain a license. You must get your learners permit before you start your road lessons. Our lessons are provided one-on-one and teach safe driving habits. We provide our services to Dallas and all surrounding cities. We use the new Toyota Corolla air-conditioned car for all our lessons. Our instructor has 20 years of experience. He is a Texas State licensed instructor who can speak Bangla, English, Hindi, and Urdu.
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Contact Information
Contact Person Khaled
Phone Number (214) 663-9699
City Richardson, TX
Zip Code 75080
Address 777 S. Central Expressway, Suite 108
Rated Poor (1 of 5) from 3 reviews
  Not a good instructor
by Student from Dallas
Apr 11, 2018
This driving instructor(Khalid) needs to understand that in order to be an instructor he needs to be patient. He seems to be lacking basic etiquette. He laughed at my mistakes and at one point he even started screaming at me when I made a mistake. Although he was kind enough to tell me about other good driving schools, I feel I cannot recommend him to anyone.
I don't recommend this business
  Waste of time
by Proeodj from Plano
Jan 26, 2016
It is one of the worst driving school, he is not right person to teach.
  Do not choose this guy unless you want to be humiliated.
by Priyadarshini from Addison
Oct 02, 2015
I got this driving instructor "Kaled" referred by one of my colleagues and I booked him for 300$ for 8 hours. Initially, he instructed me on what I should do and I did according to that, though I found him to be rude at times. I considered him as a teacher, so I did not mind. I am a woman, not a teenager and I am learning driving for the first time in US. I have been in the US for one year without a car and my family is not here. When I decided to buy a new car, I went for driving classes with Kaled. On my fourth class, I had the worst ever experience ever since I came to US, and I was emotionally disturbed, depressed and upset. You might think that I had a crash or something but no.

It was my fourth class and I was driving OK. He asked me to turn right at the oncoming light and I had to start my car after the light became green as I had vehicles in front of me. So, I started from a complete STOP to take a turn, I accelerated a little bit (10 miles only), he started screaming SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN multiple times, so I thought I am doing something wrong and slowed down more than what is required for the turn. He immediately started screaming SPEED UP SPEED UP SPEED UP. Then I accelerated again and completed the turn.

What I got after this from him, is the most shocking experience I have ever had in my life. He started screaming saying "Are you kidding me? I said slow down, why did you stamp on BREAK to stop the car. When I say slow down i didn't mean you have to stop the car?" I said "You said slow down multiple times so I stamped on BREAK pedal so much and then immediately you said SPEED UP multiple times so thought I was doing something fatal and I got a little tensed". This aggravated him so much. He asked me to stop the car and he started screaming & yelling at me saying, "Are you kidding me? You can not stop when I say slow down. (I did not "STOP" though! Driving below 10 miles is not STOP I guess) If you do not have interest to drive, go back home, get out of my car, get your money back".

I tried to humbly explain that it is a mistake that I have to correct. He didn't even let me explain but started screaming, "Take your money back and go" and he got out of the car. I then got out of the car crying literally and was unable to control my tears out of the humiliation I had. He left me on the road where he asked me to stop the car.

If he is an instructor and he can't be courteous and patient enough with his customers, then he should definitely not be in the business. I do not care about the money I spent, but I almost lost all my courage to learn driving.

He may be a good driver but not an instructor. He might have years of experience but he is totally unethical and unprofessional. He have no rights to first of all talk to a customer or a third person like that, and also to walk out on a commitment he had agreed upon. Though I tried to calm him down and explain my point, he was so furious and hyperactive. I came back home in a cab, all the way crying as he made me reach the height of insult and humiliation.

I have never seen anybody who teaches or offers a service, being very cheap and rude. I wish I could report this somewhere to revoke his driving instructor license, so that others are not affected like me.
I don't recommend this business
Unethical and Unprofessional
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