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The Expert Driving School helps teens learn about the basics of driving, California's laws of the road, such as never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol; reacting to different driving conditions and how to handle emergencies. Expert Driving School is certified and approved by California DMV.
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Phone Number (858) 560-9422
City San Diego, CA
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Address 4655 Ruffner, Suite 250
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Expert Driving School's adult Defensive Driving Classes are designed enhance driving knowledge, driving skill and increase awareness. Our driver improvement courses provide and easy, efficient and cost-effective way for corporations to manage risk and train fleet drivers. These classes are perfect for salespersons, delivery personnel, truck drivers, police, fire, emergency personnel and any employee that drives while on the job.
We offer 6 hour driver's training courses to high school students. Our course is approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The behind the wheel classes are carefully designed, using learning objectives so students are sure to gain the needed skills. Expert Driving School uses superior dual controlled and insured training vehicles for the training. In order to provide the safest driving school classes, our instructors are trained and retested every two years. Our training cars are all late models and are complete with commercial driving school insurance.
The course is divided into 15 units, 15 Quizzes, and the final test. The course is self-paced. Students need to read through the materials and pass quizzes and the final test. The course covers the vehicle code, safe driving practices, drinking & driving, narcotics, defensive driving, good driving techniques, & driving under adverse weather conditions. Students have up to 6 months from the date of sign-up to complete the Online Driver's Education Course.
Available for the entire state of California, this course satisfies the requirement to obtain a California Permit and Driver's License, and is certified by the state of California Motor Vehicles Department. This Online Driver's Ed Class is valid throughout the entire state of California.
Rated Average (3 of 5) from 2 reviews
by Daniel
Jul 11, 2016
WARNING: DO NOT CHOOSE THIS DRIVING SCHOOL!!! Bruce who was our driving instructor was beyond disrespectful from start to finish for our driving lesson. We scheduled two driving lessons back to back; one for my twin brother and one for myself. After my brother finished his lesson Bruce neglected to even come into our house to greet me or review how my brother did with my parents, instead what happened is my brother came into the house telling me that I needed to hurry up because Bruce didn't feel the need to get out of the car. As soon as I got into the car, ,Bruce didn't tell me anything about the dashboard and he wouldn't tell me where to go, or which streets to go on. He just told me a street name and assumed that I would know where it was. Bruce would constantly criticize me for "not knowing my own neighborhood" and time after time he would talk down about my brother's driving experience and how he didn't do well, and his performance was not adequate. Bruce was very unprofessional saying "what the hell" and "some drivers don't know how to use their damn blinker." He talked about his personal life and how he thinks his son is a "lazy slob" and went on and on about his "bitch wife." Around 30 minutes into the lesson he decides to take a call with a client and doesn't get off the phone for at least ten minutes and then half way through the lesson we take a break at a McDonald's. I decided to text my parents and let them know that I was uncomfortable and asked if they could pick me up. My Dad called Bruce and said that "they needed to talk." After hearing this Bruce questioned me for over 15 minutes and upon finding out that my parents were going to pick me up he got very frustrated and started to tell me that this was unbelievable and he has never had anyone quit on him in his 15 years of driving lessons. Time went by and then Bruce had the audacity to say, "it isn't that hard to find this Mc'donald's." After my parents arrived I found out that my brother had a very similar situation, and that Bruce also was unprofessional from the moment he got in the car. Bruce denied everything and said that he was a great teacher until finally my brother spoke up and confronted him about how he felt about his driving lesson. Months after this awful experience my Mom called him asking if he could write letters for both me and my brother certifying that we took the first lesson so we could move onto the second lesson with another driving school. Bruce denied the request and said that my parents talking with him because I was uncomfortable was "totally uncalled for" when my Mom asked why, he just said "Okay Bye" and hung up the phone. If you care about your kids, DON'T subject them to this horrible driving "instructor"!
I don't recommend this business
  Thanks again for everything
by Anita W. from La Jolla, CA
Jan 17, 2013
My Granddaughter took behind the wheel driving from Bruce. I highly recommend this school to anyone for a quality driving school. Bruce went the extra mile to ensure my Granddaughter passed the road test. Bruce's experience paid off. Bruce taught excellence, safety and being professional behind the wheel. I am confident that Sydney will develop into a better and safer driver because of Bruce's patience.
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