Are you looking for a driving school in West Medford, MA?

Do you need a reliable driving school in West Medford, MA providing adult and teen driving lessons and education classes?
West Medford, Massachusetts
We have been serving greater Boston area since 1990. We work toward perfection with all students. We provide driver education for teenagers, we also have packages that include road lessons and test for adults.
We are a specialty auto school and safety training establishment that provides driving instruction and lessons to students age 16 and up. We feature a small classroom setting that allows our students to receive more personalized attention from our patient and friendly educators. All of our instructors have more than 20 years of experience working with teens and older drivers.
For more than 25 years, we have provided defensive driver training in the Hometown area. Our in- class and in-car sessions are focused to provide defensive driving skills, accident avoidance techniques, and traffic rules and regulations. All of our educators are certified professionals with years of experience in the field.
Established in 1999, we have on staff experienced driving instructors and educators, and we are well-equipped to provide the best services possible. The school has been relocated to South Boston and is in the vicinity of the Broadway T station. For your convenience, we pick up and drop off students at designated locations.
For over 22 years, our school specializes in teaching proper and effective techniques to ensure the safest driving. All our instructors are highly skilled and patient in their profession, such that even learners with anxiety can turn into confident drivers. We value making our students feel their most comfortable so that they can learn their best.
We have been providing quality driving education in Malden and surrounding areas. It has been a popular and growing business that has accommodated students with different levels of driving experiences. Our owner, Joseph Emile Marsan, has over 30 years experience in teaching teens and adults how to be a safe and confident drivers. He gains a respectable reputation on his outstanding expertise in the automotive industry.
We provide a complete course of driving skills, to all educational needs. Our instructors have a lot of teaching experience and are all accurately aware of the excellent qualities that compromise a competent driver. All our courses are accredited and licensed by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, our cars are dual controlled and air-conditioned, our classroom educators are professional and certified by the Registry of Motor vehicle.
We provide a comprehensive program for all driver education. Excellence starts with the professional, patient and certified driving instructors, which you will find at our school. Our aim is to make you the most skillful and defensive driver you can possibly be. Your life and your driving future are important to us. We believe in teaching defensive driving techniques, skills needed to drive safely but most importantly to become self-assured.
We provide the Massachusetts required driver education program for teens: this includes the behind the wheel and classroom training and parent class component. We also specialize in teaching adults how to drive. We understand that being in the educating business requires patience, understanding and most of all trust. Teaching all our students good driving habits is our main mission.
Our Driving School is very unique. It is owned and operated by a Former Police Officer that that has ONE goal; teach you Driving Skills that you stay with you for a life time! Learning how to drive correctly and having the confidence to pass the Road Test the first time? Learning how to drive by someone that has years driving experience, patience and Law Enforcement Driving Training gives you peace of mind that YOU will learn more with Boston Driver's Ed! I'll let you know the most common errors people make that cause them to FAIL the road test and tips to avoid them.
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