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Rated Poor from 3 reviews
Anthony Smith was born in Greeley, Colorado in May 1972. He has lived in Northern Colorado his whole life, mostly in Fort Collins. He enjoys time with his family, church, motorcycling, cars, traveling, and exercising. He has been a driver's education instructor since 2000 and has been on over 15, 000 driving appointments, over 1, 000 driving tests, and trained more than 100 motorcyclists.
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Contact Information
Phone Number (970) 391-7023
City Fort Collins, CO
Zip Code 80526
Address 1721 W. Harmony Rd., Suite 106
Key People
Marsha Hall
Marsha Hall
I moved to Loveland from Vermont in 1995 to teach motorcycle rider ed classes. At the time I was employed full time teaching rider ed classes on the weekends for Abate of Colorado and I worked weekdays as parts manager for Co's BMW up until 1998 when I took over as training site administrator for Abate, running their training site in Denver. Currently I run a training site for them in Ft Collins and teach Driver's ed for Mountain States. Both jobs fit together nicely and I enjoy teaching students to be both safe drivers and riders on our roads.
Mark Harris
Mark Harris
I was born and raised in Iowa, and I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Health and Sports Studies. Before entering the Drivers Education field, I worked in restaurant management, drove a taxicab, and I was a bus driver for several years. I have had my pilot's license for hot-air balloons since I was 17. I have a Commercial/ Instructor rating and thoroughly enjoy flying, as well as teaching others how to fly.
Chuck Nook
Chuck Nook
Chuck was born in South Haven, Michigan in 1948. He played college football for Ferris State University, and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Western Michigan University. After graduating, he played professional football for a year in the Detroit Lions system. Chuck moved to Colorado in 1972 and has taught in several schools over the years: The Abbey High School in Caon City, St. Mary's High School in Colorado Springs, and Cherry Creek High School in Denver. In 1980, he got into the oil business, and relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma for five years, and Ventura, California for one year. In 1986, he moved back to Colorado and has been the Finance Director and Sales Manager at the Tynan's Nissan, Kia, Saab here in Fort Collins ever since.
Rated Poor (1 of 5) from 3 reviews
by Jade from Fort Collins, CO
Jul 09, 2019
BEWARE!!! Once Anthony Davis, owner of Mountains States has your money it's his- you have to prepay and no "EXCUSE" will be heard or considered even if a crime happened! It took a lot for me to write this review!! We had an appointment this morning for my son's first drive class. Last night while at City Park my MINOR son was robbed and his wallet was stolen. When we spoke with MJ she informed us even though we were 10 minutes late (we were filing a police report) we could still come in- great! Unfortunately my son would need his permit & he can't drive without that permit! She said since we cancelled same day we would be charged $130. I asked if we could speak with a manager and she said the owner takes emails ONLY!! I asked if he was there and she said 'Anthony doesn't take phone calls'. She said that she understood my concern but it was his policy and apologized for delivering that news to me. What business owner/manager doesn't communicate with it's customers to resolve an issue/concern??? I asked her if he would speak to me if I came in b/c we were less than 10 minutes away. She said yes. SO we came in and the owner just wanted to shame, scold and reprimand me for 'interrupting his work he was doing on his day off in his gym clothes" He accused me of DEMANDING to speak with him, barging in & wasting his time! NONE of which happened!! He told me he was a teacher and father of 4 ...not sure why that was relevant. He shamed me for my EXCUSES for not doing his class & that I didn't care about his employee who drove from Loveland and now had to wash cars because he still had to pay him! I was attacked for 'not caring' about his employee that drove from Loveland- not once did he ask about my son who was robbed & if he was ok!! I reminded him as a business owner that deals with the public that things happen and sometimes that is the cost of doing business! Multiple times he scolded me for being a mom that 'barges in making excuses for why my kid does not have his permit and wastes his time' when he is trying to get his work done on his day off and how his 'business doesn't run off excuses'. He said he was looking out for his instructor that I stood up! Stood Up??? I was there- we just didn't have his permit. I offered to pay the driver for his time b/c Anthony said that was the problem, which I knew wasn't true, He said what about his lights and lease payment for his building and the cars he has to pay for- did I see them and how nice they were...that's what he said to me!! . MY SON WAS ROBBED at city park on the 4th of July & this is early on July 5th . He said I should have called him & let him know they opened at 730. That still would have been same day 'cancellation' which is not forgivable. I was then scolded for not hearing him and picking apart his rude words! I WAS listening to all of his rude, condescending & offensive words. He said it wasn't going to cost his business because of my excuses and how he knows his calendar & I should know mine!!! I offered the police report & he said he believed me that happened to my son but that did not change the fact that we were charged $130 & not offered a reschedule & he wasn't going to budge!! In the very hypocritical way of a narcissist he forgot that they rescheduled on us for 3 appointments b/c one of his workers had a medical emergency & I FULLY UNDERSTOOD with no question or hesitation!! I think his lack of empathy being a father of 4 and teacher is disheartening!! BTW none of his kids were with him on his day off- he was at the gym & work- where were his 4 kids?? Which I would NOT bring up or hold issue with if I wasn't shamed for my single parent methods that allowed this EXCUSE of not having my son's ID. Who hears a minor child is robbed in a terrible way & calls that an 'excuse' to miss a driving class???? I have prepaid for three 2- hour classes so I asked for my money back on those 2 future ones. He rudely said NO CANCELS - NO REFUNDS. I said that after his behavior and misplaced anger toward me that I didn't want my son in his car for 4 hours. He said very cocky- 'I don't drive the cars' literally like that was beneath him!!

I went to the instructor Randy and we apologized to him and explained what happened- he was so nice and said he understood- things happen & is my son ok??!! That was a response I was looking for from Anthony & never received. Also, I should have had some clue to what I was walking into from my conversation with MJ on the phone- she was VERY professional but I could hear the frustration and fear in her voice when explaining the owner's rule that she clearly did not agree with! He invited me to write bad reviews and dispute the charge with my credit card "he wasn't budging" HE told me I had that avenue to take & that would be best for me- so here I am! All of this after telling me since MJ told me to come in & she should not have done that he would have a strong discussion with her- so unprofessional!! I told him I did not want any employee in trouble for inviting a customer to come into the business I PAID MONEY TO for a service we were not allowed to receive! I received NO apology for the accusation of barging in when that is not what happened- just shaming me for wasting his time- when in fact that was time I paid for. If you are not going to take phone calls and be so obtuse to your policy you should not lay that burden on your employee alone to rectify a situation you, THE OWNER, created!! In fact the 30 minutes he told me I wasted cost me $130- when our appointment was for 2 hours- he still owes me 90 minutes. I did not waste his time- that is is responsibility as a business owner! Again- he made $130 off me for that time. Anthony Davis, the owner, could take some tips in customer service from his employees. SO BEWARE in your purchase with Mountain States- once Anthony has your money it's his whether or not you get what you paid for!! All of this has to be prepaid - just a head's up!!
  This is the last place you want to go
by Booker O'Hare from Fort Collins, CO
Jan 13, 2015
For the entire hour that I spent driving with an instructor, she was worried about nothing else except the fact that there is a one in a million chance that an airbag can spontaneously go off.
I don't recommend this business
Uneducational and hair-pullingly frustrating
  Money hungry
by Aa4on
Mar 27, 2014
I would try somewhere else.
I don't recommend this business
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