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We take great pride in providing excellent driving programs designed to fit the individual needs of both teens and adults. Our instructors are approved by the State of Colorado, and have numerous years of experience in both commercial and private drivers' education programs within Colorado. Everyone associated with our school has passed the Colorado Bureau of Investigation fingerprint back ground check.
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Phone Number (303) 758-3575
City Denver, CO
Zip Code 80222
Address 6446 E Hampden Ave # 115
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Training would not be complete without actual drive time for the students. Each student receives 6 hours of individual drive time with an instructor. Since no other students are in the car, this allows our skilled instructors to provide individualized, personal instruction for each student. Most students will drive on one-way streets, downtown streets, freeways, as well as mountain driving during their 6 hours of instruction.
To obtain a valid insurance certificate, students need to complete a drivers education course equal to the curriculum at Mutual Driving School. Courses taken on-line, or by mail, at home do not qualify for an insurance certificate! Initially, it may appear that taking a course on-line is a good and easy way to go, but in the long run most new drivers will be very disappointed in not having a valid insurance certificate that's good in every state.
Classroom training at Mutual is designed with the needs of the teenage driver in mind. Starting in April 2012Our comprehensive program meets for four full days from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and covers both the responsibilities and hazards of being a licensed driver in the State of Colorado.
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