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North Dakota
(701) 740-9951
The basic drivers education program will consist of 6 hours of actual driving. These 6 hours will be scheduled, within reason, to meet the student's schedules. The driving begins and ends at the student's home, minimizing transportation problems. The program will be taught by an instructor with over 28 years of drivers education teaching experience.
(701) 232-5798
Our goal is to offer professional, competent education to each student with the objective of making everyone the most safe and competent driver that space cushion driving can prepare them to be, preparing them to read and respond to the traffic scene and be able to drive collision free! Our instructors are mindful of their obligation to the public, to traffic safety, to their employees, and to their profession.
(701) 282-8253
The company has been serving the Fargo ND and surrounding areas since 1993. Paul Mckinnon, owner, has a background in teaching with degrees in driver's training, physical education and business ed. He has been owner operator of the business since it's inception. Since 1993, he has awarded over 5000 certificates of completion to student drivers. Paul is always willing to talk to prospective students and their parents about his teaching philosophy.
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