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Do you need a reliable driving school in Oakland, CA providing adult and teen driving lessons and education classes? Stop searching - we have detailed information, unbiased reviews and recommendations about local instructors.
Oakland, California
(415) 267-6118
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We are your highest achievable point. Our main mission is to help you become the very best possible driver. We believe that the importance of having better than average driving skill and ability grows with each passing day. Every day literally thousands of drivers are being introduce to share virtually the same number of streets and highways.
(510) 663-9030
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We have been successfully offering both Class A and Class B training as well as job placement assistance for several years and thousands of students. We are proud with our learning program and believe our training is second to none! The secret to our success is simple - small class sizes, flexible schedules, well maintained equipment and very patient and caring instructors.
(510) 433-0606
We are the best way to take a traffic school or defensive driving course. Our interactive DMV/Court approved traffic school course gives you an option to clear your driving record without spending your Saturday in a classroom.
(510) 739-1633
Established in 1997, we offer truck driver training in California Bay Area. Besides weekday training, we provide evening and weekend sessions to fit your schedule. Our certified staff has the equipment and ability needed to provide high quality, hands-on professional tractor trailer training and to assist people who are seeking to secure their future in the transportation industry as well as those who want to upgrade their driving skills.
(510) 472-7834
Founded in January 1998, we have been serving the East Bay Cities for years. Our staff consist of more than 10 professional and licensed instructors to cover all the east bay cities. The professional, honors, serious and patient of our instructors have made our school very well received from the folks and neighbors of the east bay cities.
(510) 235-5500
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We differ from other schools in that we specialize in both driver's education and advanced behind-the-wheel driver's training. When students train with us, they learn not only the essentials of safe driving, but also advanced defensive driving techniques such as hazard detection, risk perception, precise
(510) 352-1100
We provide courses tailored for both beginner and advanced truck drivers. We teach defensive driving techniques necessary to develop skills levels required to pass the commercial drivers license examination. Emphasis is placed on safety, and a thorough understanding of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rules
(415) 334-2222
We will be focusing on the training that is specifically tailored to your own needs, guiding you through your driving course at whatever levels you may be in. We take pride in our expertise because we have helped tens and thousands of students to earning their first drivers license at a very competitive
(415) 665-1133
We offer competent instruction to beginners, senior citizens, new residents, and teenagers. With a well trained instructor, you will have the benefit of the latest teaching techniques which will assure you of a driving future that is pleasant, safe and enjoyable. Driving know-how can prevent costly breakdowns
(415) 647-2605
In addition, the skills and good habits acquired with us far exceed the requirements of the driving test. You will drive from residential areas, to freeway, to heavy traffic zones in order to challenge and maximize your awareness, confidence and skills behind-the-wheel. Patience and encouragement from
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