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Good day, I am messaging you as I have found myself in a rather strange situation. I am from South Africa working here for the winter. We are about to head up north for the summer, we are going to be renting a rental car and making the drive up to New Hampshire. I have an international drivers license and all is well. Theeee only problem I am having is my girlfriends mom is absolutely adamant that we go for driving lessons before making the venture up north. I can understand her concern but I grew up driving on farm roads back home with a manual stick from a very young age. A driving lessons would be a complete waste of time in my eyes but I still want to make her happy soooo I was thinking if we could pay for a lesson (that we wouldn't be doing) and if I could get a receipt saying we had completed our lessons through your fine establishment. If the receipt stated that we both attended lessons that would honestly make my week. To let you know I don't feel bad about going through with this route, she is being utterly ridiculous.

Warm regards,
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