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I had a wonderful experience with Indiana All Star Driving School. The instructors were punctual each day. They provided the best classroom curriculum of all the driving schools I interviewed. The instructors was good with students...
Evansville, IN
I feel that I have had great training to be a safe and confident driver. I also feel that White Line CDL Training has given me the confidence to be a professional commercial driver and the opportunity to start a great career for my...
Topeka, KS
Dear Mr. Donny, As soon as Hunter got his learners permit he said Dad please email Mr. Donny and tell him I passed my first time!! Thank you for working with Hunter and helping him to achieve a very special milestone in his young life...
Shreveport, LA
Driver Ed was 100% worth its cost. Other places may cost less, but they don't teach you enough. Best Way makes sure you learn what you need to and will go out of their way to make sure of that.
Scarborough, ME
Dwight in Winthrop has tons of enthusiasm. He really cares about making sure we leave his Drivers Ed course knowing lots of information in order to make us good drivers and be able to be safe on the road. Area Driving School cares...
North Monmouth, ME
by Xiomara Dejesus
I had a great experience with SIM'S Driving School. I thought I knew a lot about driving, but I was wrong . They teach more than I would of ever thought. They teach me even those little details of what I am supposed to do to pass a...
Lowell, MA
Just wanted to say thanks for helping me get my CDL-A. You came highly recommended and I was not let down. You taught me the skills and knowledge to be a professional driver. You also made the training fun. With perfect practice, I...
Warren, MI
Skid School truly was a great experience. I had no idea how everyone would react, that is, would they feel this was just my pet peeve and that they were being forced to be there or...? I must tell you, it was an absolute hit amongst...
Concord, NH
I cannot say enough about Master Driving School. From day one they put me at ease even though I was very nervous. I wouldn't have been able to pass the test first time without them. I more than Highly recommend them.
Paterson, NJ
I used to be a 'teach yourself' kind of guy but through experience have found great benefit in professional training, be that one hour, one lesson, or many hours and lessons. There is usually one key take-away from every class I've...
Knoxville, TN
This course has really made me aware of dangers associated with driving and given me the necessary skills to be a safe and courteous driver.
Rutland, VT
by Austin Robertson
The in- class session at noble driving academy is very educational and the instructors are easy to understand. You don't have to be a genius and noble driving academy truly wants you to be a safe driver. They made the class very active...
Alexandria, VA
On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank you and the staff at CDS for your continuous help and services. Every time we have had a question or problem, you have done the utmost to assist us and point us in the right direction...
Tacoma, WA
A large part of our continued growth and success comes from hiring some of the best trained drivers available today. I find these drivers at Western Pacific Truck School. The training at Western Pacific Truck School is among the finest...
Stockton, CA
Easy enrollment, convenient registration hours, friendly, professional phone staff, easy to understand instructions and worthwhile course material are what made this course was just GREAT!
Hollywood, FL
by George S Hunter
This is to acknowledge the driving lessons I have received from Mr. Stephen Niemen between June and July 1993. He is among the best instructors I have ever had and I am an aerospace engineer and an ex-RAF pilot with some 20 aircraft...
Huntington Beach, CA
by T. Wierzba from San Francisco, CA
Tim liked his lesson with Pan a lot. He has taken several lessons with other instructors and thought Pan gave him useful perspective that the others did not. They worked on his parking which no one else had done. We want to continue...
San Francisco, CA
by Johnathan P. Kirkland
I worked as a furniture mover and decided why not be the driver instead of the laborer. I thought about other career fields but if I want to have a chance to see the country, this is the best way of doing that. Driving a truck will...
Wheat Ridge, CO
I am very grateful to you for your driving instruction. You did a superb job and I am excited to continue re-wiring old habits to form better ones that will reduce my anxiety and possibly save my life and those I encounter on the road...
Visalia, CA
by Victoria Garcia
Local Driving School, you are fantastic! I didn't have any clue about driving when I started driving. To tell you the truth, my experience before that was a few times of moving the car in a parking lot. Now I drive everywhere without...
Berkeley, CA
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